Club History

I will attempt to comple a history of the last 70 years of the Uraidla Bowling Club

On The 23rd of Febuary 1948, a public meeting was called by the Uraidla RSL sub branch for the purpose of forming the Uraidla Bowling Club. Up until this point nearly 1000 pounds had been raised, from public donations and monthly dances. This money had been spent on purchase of the land (247 pounds), bore and equipment (312 pounds), and preperations of the green (approx 400 pounds).

The bowling club would have to purchase a mower, roller and other equipment necessary for the upkeep of the greens.

Mr H. L. Sprigg suggested that a bowling club be formed, moved by Mr J. L. Campbell and seconded by Mr C Grigg. Mr R, Cramond moved that the Hon. T. Playford be elected as Patron of the club.

At a general meeting on Friday April 2 at 8 pm, it was decided that the Uraidla RSL Sub branch grant a lease of 5 years over the bowling greens at a payment of 5 schillings per player.

First Annual General Meeting was held on 16th of August 1948.

President Mr H. L. Sprigg

Vice President Mr Will Nicol

Patron Hon. T. Playford

Secretary Mr L. Neighbour

Treasurer Mr E. Bonython


J Nicol, C. Dyer, Dr. M. B. Reid, C Grigg, H. Collett.

At this meeting it was decided that ladies be invited to be members. Entrance fee for men to be 1 Guinea, and annual subscription to be 2 Guineas. Annual subscription for Ladies to be 1 Guinea. Official opening to take place on Jan 31 1949. Applied to S.A.B.A. to enter 2 teams for the 1949-50 season, but recieved a letter on 28/9 49 stating that the Uraidla Bowling Club could not be attmitted to the metropolitian pennants for the current season. A Letter from the secretary of the Hills Bowling Association stated that they were willing to include our club in the Hills Association, and we were to enter 2 teams.

those teams were;

Uraidla Red

rink 1, R. Udy, L. Sutton, H. Collett, skip C. W. Dyer.

rink 2, F. Percival, L. Caust, E. Collins, skip C. Grigg

rink 3, P Squires, G Brooks, A Brooks, skip J. Grigg

rink 4, W. Nicol, E. Brooks, J.L. Campbell, skip C. Walker

Uraidla White

rink 1, A. Squires, H.O. Driver, C.O. Trenorden, skip H.L. Sprigg

rink 2 R. Law, E. Bonython, F. Schultz, skip L. Neighbour

rink 3 O.W. Probert, R.W. Packer, J. Nicol, skip C. Willsmore

rink 4, H. Brooks, A. Smith, H.E. Schultz, skip R. Dyer


On the 2nd of December the club decided to apply for admission to metropolitan pennants for the 1950-51 season, one team of 16 players and 1 team of 8 players. on 29/9/50 letter recieved from SABA notifying admission to metropolitian pennants.

Season 1950-51 won 2 pennants in our first year of Metropolitian competition


August 2017. New sand filled synthetic greens installed by Prestige Constructions, This project was part funded by a grant from the Office of Recreation and Sport.